Her clothes are green, but her heart is black.



Captain Picard watches the season 2 finale.

I laughed so suddenly that i hurt myself.

I remember when I very first played Garak, I played him gay! I thought this would be great! He sees this young man, this young, very attractive doctor on the station, he is lonely, he is the only Cardassian there, this doctor is curious about him, and if you remember, this was a great moment because Sid totally went with it! When he comes up and he puts his hand on his shoulder, Sid did this great thing, it was this sort of an electrical charge that went through him and so I played him totally gay in that episode.

Of course the producers did not actually tell me not to play him gay but then they started writing him a little more macho and more like a Cardassian. But I said, “Listen, one of the great things about Garak is that he is not Gul Dukat, he is not one of those macho, militaristic guys, he is your finesse Cardassian.” So we struck a compromise but I was always very clear. I did not get into it in the book. Quite frankly, I was going to go in that direction. I had written a whole thing about Garak’s sexuality because I felt that Garak was sort of - talk about bisexual, I think that he was multisexual, essentially that anything that moves is fair game for Garak. He has a voracious sexual appetite.

Andrew J. Robinson, in this interview with TZN (via tinsnip)

"A girl and her corpse" Michael Hutter


"A girl and her corpse" Michael Hutter

Best of Mark Ruffalo at San Diego Comic Con 2014


My alcoholic aunt went through with her plan to get a puppy. She lives with my 91-year-old grandfather. She expects him and his home health care worker to take care of the puppy while she is at work.

I am staying far away from that state in my job search.

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