Her clothes are green, but her heart is black.

Wow, Revolutionary Girl Utena just got a LOT darker.

I love it.

'Twas a silly place.

'Twas a silly place.

I want to be remembered as something more than Malcolm Merlyn’s pawn.

As you should.



Have you started a new relationship? Have friends that explore your treasures when they think you aren’t looking? Do you bunk with an old sea-salt who needs boundaries clearly expressed?

This sea beast barrier kit is for you then!
You’ll need the following items:

-a steady hand

-a printing mechanism

-moderately sharp shears

-adhesive of some sort

-7 to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time.


conception of Merlin

Histoire de Merlin, France (Poitiers), 1450-1455.

BnF, Français 96, fol. 62v

Some days you gotta accompany your mom to Hallmark, smell the man candles, peruse the Halloween Village with the barfing pumpkin pub and the existential despair skeleton who gazes into the mirror that shows his former fleshly visage, and purchase some creepy eyeball streetlights and pretty purple disco dead trees for, respectively, your Bastet shrine and your poetry/essay/theatre section.

Ah yes, my old friend Finally Getting the Opportunity to Nap and Suddenly No Longer Sleepy. We meet again, sir and/or madam.


Ms. Marvel #7 by G. Willow Wilson, Jake Wyatt, & Ian Herring

Indecisive sky.

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